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About the Studio

See More Pictures Below!

Multi-track Digital Recording

*48 Tracks of HD-24 Recording with computer

editing & mix in Cubase 5 and other software.

*Computer Multitrack Recording with 20 inputs

lots of tracks.  *Also DA-88, and A-DAT available.       




About The Studio                    

     Owners - Wayne & Donna Johnston          Donna and Daughter Stephanie

                                                                                                                                                   Owner Wayne Johnston        

&  Daughter Stephanie 

Mastering to 

CD, DAT, CrO2 Cassette

Isolation Rooms:  (3)

Drum Room - Vocal Booth - Large Room 


Specializing In:

Country, Gospel, Pop, R&B, Top Forty, Soft Rock 

We do not record any obscene material, rap, hip-hop, or heavy metal.

 We have a Passion for excellence!

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality recording for the time, talent and money invested.


What We Do!

See our "Pricing" page for details


* Studio Produced, Original Music Tracks for Song Writers

* Demo's      * Sing-A-Longs      * Commercials

* Audio Business Cards   * Phone Answering & On Hold Recordings

*  Lecture and Story Recording - (With or without background music and/or special effects).


We also copy, edit, and transfer material to CD, DVD, Cassette, DAT, MP-3, etc.

Old Records, Tapes - (reel or cassette), etc.


Special Note:

Be careful who you sign with!

Passion Recording Studio sometimes works on projects that are brought in by independent Promoters and/or Producers.

 These promoters or producers and their artist may be featured on one or more of our web pages to show what they are doing in the studio.  We may also provide links to their sites or other points of interest that relate to them or their projects.  These articles, links and/or pictures are not intended to reflect an endorsement by our studio.

There are many legitimate promoters and producers.  There are also many fraudulent promoters and producers ready to have you sign or agree to a contract with them, who will take your money and give you little or nothing in return for it, or worse, lock you into a contract where they control everything you can do or make.  Before signing with anyone, check them out.  Do more than just look at the pictures in there portfolio or the gold records on their wall.  If they are legitimate, they will probably give you some references that you can contact or check on.  If they can't do that proceed with caution.


Studio Photos

For more photo's, music clips & video clips

see our "Spotlight" & "Projects" pages





wpe25.jpg (27819 bytes)         wpe28.jpg (112342 bytes)         wpe19.jpg (11782 bytes)

Constance Rogalski (LV) & Linda Liberty (KB)   Lainie Claudio (LV)

wpe11.jpg (26334 bytes)

Above:  Chief Studio Musician - Michael l. Chauncey

Below:  Mike creating an original music track for a top writer

Bonnie W. Daniels



digital    digital

    Some Equipment     Drum Room   Ryan, Bobby & Mike    

digital    digital

 Paul Rogers/Ryan Griffin   Sam Wynn      Ryan Griffin              

digital  digital  digital

   Wayne               Donna            Stephanie


Michael Chauncey - at drums

                  More Equipment




                                                                 Wayne at console

wpe31.jpg (36350 bytes)         wpe2C.jpg (46886 bytes)         wpe33.jpg (18465 bytes)

Carswell Ponder  -  Catherine Jefferies & Mike -                           

wpe35.jpg (36580 bytes)         wpe37.jpg (12345 bytes)         wpe39.jpg (41815 bytes)

     Jim Kirk     -    Alex Groot & Josh Lees  -  Jimmy Strickland



Mike Chauncey on Yamaha Motif 

The  Royal Guardsmen 


Bill Balough             Bill Taylor              Pat Waddell 


Rick Cosner              Chris Nunley 


The Sounds Of Joy

Bob Paxton - Drums & Vocal,  Gary Bennett - Bass,  Linda Riley - KB & Vocal,

Earleene Roberts - Vocal,  Larry Hill - Vocal


Ted Britt - Steel Guitar



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