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Studio Spotlight



Formally The 3-D Band 

The band members:
Andy Cohen, D.M.D., M.S. - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion & Keyboard;
Scott Jackson, D.M.D. - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo & Harmonica;
Robert Bjork, M.B.A. - Bass, Flute, Sax, & Keyboard
Final work on their 2014 CD Album project was completed
in early January 2015.
This album, WoundTight - "In Tune"\
along with their 2013 album WoundTight - "Time To Unwind"
and their first 3-D album "Acoustic Rewind"
are available for purchase.
These albums feature the doctors excellent finger style acoustic
guitar and great vocals
on many of your favorite songs, such as:
Mrs. Robinson - Year Of The Cat - Please Don't Bury Me -
Scarborough Fair - The Secret Of Life - Old Cowhand - Heaven
Time After Time - Don't Think Twice - Danny's Song - Vincent -
If You Could Read My Mind - You Don't Mess Around With Jim -
Shower The People - Gentle On My Mind - Fields Of Gold - The Boxer - 
Cats In The Cradle - Sweet Baby James - Norwegian Wood - Operator -
and many more.
Trust me!  If you like this style of music or any of the songs
as perform by the original artist, you are going to love these albums.
 These recordings are fresh and sound as good as
and in most cases better than the original artist recordings.

2014 Album - WOUNDTIGHT - In Tune





2013 Album - WOUNDTIGHT - Time To Unwind 






Samples of the music from all albums will be uploaded soon.

Note:  Most of the album photo's for this group are cell phone photo uploads,

which are not of the best quality.  The finished album Artwork and Design

in reality is excellent.  "Tammy" of did 

a great job taking the groups initial ideas and turning them into great looking albums.


The First 3-D Album Below



The 3-D Band

The Band finished their first CD in March 2012

and has CD's available.  Call for information or to order a CD.

The 3 Doctors and bass player Robert Bjork

were great musicians, vocalist, and wonderful

to work with.  Below is information on the 3-D Band.


As with many groups the band has undergone some

changes.  Dr. Clark for personal reasons droped out of

the group after the group finished their first CD.

The remainding members of the group are now 

performing under their new name


The new group has gone on to produce two additional

CD's "Time To Unwind" & "In Tune", and has started

work on their fourth CD.

All three of their finished CD's are excellent and available

for purchase.

See more about "WoundTight" at the top of this page.



The 3-D Band



This was a great group to work with and they produced 
some wonderful music.  The band members consisted of:
Andy Cohen, D.M.D., M.S. - Vocals, & Guitar 
Scott Jackson, D.M.D. - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo & Harmonica - 
Bill Clark, D.M.D. - Lead Vocal, & Guitar
Robert Bjork, M.B.A. - Bass, Flute, Sax, & Keyboards
Left: Dr. Bill Calrk - Left Center: Dr. Andy Cohen
Right Center: Dr. Scott Jackson - Right: Robert Bjork, M.B.A.
Live at the Brick City Center For The Arts 12-05-2009


Some of the groups we are currently working with

which we will feature ASAP along with their music.

Amy Sexton and her group:

* Amy - Vocals, Rob - Guitar, BV's,  William - Drums,  Rob - Bass,  Josh - Box Drums.

* Salisa Robie and her group

* Sheba Beck

* C.J. & Bill Lassiter





"Backwater" Bluegrass Band

Backwater has finished recording and their album is for sale.

Their album is great.  Call for information or to order their CD.




  • Backwater
  • Top Bluegrass Group during warm up prior to new album recording session. 
  • Chuck Rickolt - LV and Guitar, David Dean - Banjo,  Johnny Mason - Acustic Bass,  Billy Taylor - LV, BV & Mandolin.
  • Below are some un-finished short takes from there new album project that will be released early 2011.


Left - Backwater Has Backup

Friends of Backwater proviced back-up vocals on their new album.





Left bottom photo

Barry Winslow visits some of his friends at the studio.  Barry and some of the Backwater group were once together as the Royal Guardsmen in the "Snoopy and the Red Baron" days.  The face hiding in back is Studio Owner Wayne, long time friend of Barry and Bill.



Second Slice Band

One of the hottest bands in central Florida.

This band is outstanding.  They are tight and each musician is very good at what he does.  Mark Seymour the Keyboard player is also the lead singer with outstanding vocals.  Doug Gulick, Drummer is meter tight, one reason is because when they practice or do studio work he pipes a metronome into his headphone mix.  Shawn Palmer is their Lead Guitar player and does an excellent job of playing just what is needed when it is needed.  Johnny Mason is the Bass player for Second Slice and for Backwater who also records at the studio.  Johnny is tight and creative and helps bring the group's together.



   Mark Seymour -  Doug Gulick -  Johnny Mason  - Shawn Palmer



Johnny Mason - Bass    Shawn Palmer -  Guitar                                                                                        Mark Seymour - Keyboard & Lead Vocal 



                          Doug Gulick - Drums                                                                     Mark, Johnny and Shawn watching Doug on Monitor



Second Slice Band at work in Studio





Travis Adcock





Travis Adcock

Travis in the studio working on a project of original songs he has written.

Below is a scratch demo he did a couple years ago.


  • Travis Adcock with his wife Joy. 
  • Travis plays KB and Guitar and has his own home recording setup.  He writes his own really great songs and likes to record a lot of the old gospel standards.  Travis has a great voice and lots of talent.  








Tom Saluzzi



  • Tom is a drummer and part of a band that is know scattered over a large area of the country.  Tom stoped by because they were putting together a piece of music that may be used for a new TV show. 
  • Since the band members are located a long way from each other, each is recording their part at local studio's and all parts are being assimbled at a final studio located in Miami.
  • The groupe plans to start a new album using the same method of recording.


Left Top - Tom Saluzzi at the drums recording his part for the commercial project.

Left Center - Tom and Studio Owner Wayne

Left Bottom - Tom Saluzzi








                           Hazel Szpilla

Excellent Vocalist - Audio clips to follow soon.



     Howard Lewis (Buzz) and Laurie Arnold 

 Buzz on Bass

 Laurie - Vocals



Below:  Mark McHenyr - Writer, Musician and Vocalist on his song

"The Simple Life"


                Jerry Douglas - From Texas

Jerry lives in Texas but is at home in the studio.  He is a writer, musician and does engineering on nuckler plants.  Audio clips and more info to follow soon.


           Jerry with some of his instruments.





Below:  Carl Page

       Carl Page


     Below:  Jody Stacy - Group

      Group Drummer Above:  Anthony 

       Group Vocalist - Kelly

 Studio Musician on Right with Mark at his right.



 Below:  Audree Santana - Vocalist


Below: Writer, Musician and Vocalist Desiree Brown with Studio Musician Michael Chauncey working on an original song.




        Below:  Calvin Griswold - Vocalist


    Group Guitar and Vocal - Mr. Stacey


    Below:  Paul Hendrix


Below:  Lee Briant ready to start work on a new project.  Lee was formally with the group "Yelling Up"

Christy Carringer

Christy's album is available to purchase.

See below for information on how to purchase it and to hear some samples. 


      Christy Carringer      May 2009     Working on her album project


           Dad "Glen" on AG             Daughter "Nicole" san BV's       Son "Keith" Lending a hand in studio

                                                                                                     with family looking on in background

Christy's New Album



Christy Carringer

Christy has finished her album.  In the player below are a few "short" samples.


  • Christy does a good job vocally and receives a lot of support from all of her family.







To Order

Christy's new album, contact:

Christy Carringer  352-489-6171





Bonnie W. Daniels

Song Writer: Bonnie W. Daniels with her husband Warren

(at picture right), in the picture below.

Also seated to the left her Manager: Brian Hansen and his wife.



Mrs. Daniels uses Passion Recording Studio and our chief studio musician, Michael L. Chauncey to create demo tracks for the songs she writes.  Our musician, Mike works with her to lay out the melody and vocals the way she wants them for each song.  The short samples listed below are what we create in our studio.  Mrs. Daniels often takes her finished demo's to Nashville and has them re-cut using top Nashville singers and musicians.  One example in the player below is:

 "Sounds Of Freedom"

(Our demo version).

You can click and go on Mrs. Daniels web site to hear the final version done in Nashville.

We try to work out all the problems in each new song before she takes it to the nest step.  She is a great writer and all of her songs are very visual.  She has recorded several albums of songs with us over the last several years.


Below are a few samples from Mrs. Daniels many songs.

These are Short Takes.  To hear the full length songs, either our demo version or the Nashville Final versions, click on the link below. 


01. Sounds Of Freedom  02. And Emmanuel Was His Name  03. On Eagles Wings  04. Good Morning Lord  05.  No Fear  06. My Best Friend  07. Big Ole Pick-up Truck  08. What Will I Tell The Children  09. American Hero



Writer:  Bonnie Daniels  

One of her album releases will benefit wounded soldiers.

Mrs. Daniels is a great writer.  Her songs rank with the very best and her words paint pictures.  She writes music for many different music styles and has completed at least four albums of excellent material consisting of Patriotic, Christian, Pop, Country, Blues, and others styles.

Her Christian single "My Best Friend"  is receiving huge response from churches and Christian singers who want to sing her song and those who just like to listen.  You can go to her web site to see how to obtain this and her other songs, or contact the studio and we will try to assist you.



Carswell Ponder

Carswell has finished several excellent SAL albums.

  • Carswell Ponder
  • Carswell Ponder, a banker for most of his life, sings for fun, but he takes his singing seriously.  He constantly strives to improve his vocals and performance. 
  • Normally he likes singing in the style of Frank Sanatra.  But he also enjoys singing show songs like "Raindrops" from Butch Cassidy & Sundance, and others.  See below.







Dr. Michael Holloway  

Lifestyle Solutions Medspa

  • Dr. Holloway has a great personality and enjoys singing just for fun.  
  • He has a great voice and has been working on perfecting his studio recording technique.  We enjoy working with him.  His "Lifestyle Solutions Medspa" is also a great facility.  Check out his link.





Anne Cit

In 2010 Anne finished her second album

of some of her favorite songs just to fulfill

a life long dream.  She always does a wonderful job.




Anne Cit

Anne Cit just sings for fun.

Mrs. Cit has an amazing vocal.  She claims she has never sung professionally but her voice and style would make you wonder. 

Almost every song that she recorded at her demo sessons, was recorded in one take.

Here are some samples of her very first projects recordings.






Arielle Jones

Now Available

"Expressions of Arielle Jones"



  • Arielle Jones with Chief Studio Musician Michael Chauncey finishing the last four songs for her first album.
  • Arielle Jones is a very talented young song writer and vocalist.  Arielle (REL) Just released her new album "Expressions of Arielle Jones".
  • She not only writes and sings her own LV and BV's but directs the arrangement of the music tracks.  For this album four songs, (short samples in the player below), were recorded at Passion Studio.  The other four songs on her album were previously recorded at other studios.  All of her songs are interesting and well done.  To listen to all of the songs on her album or to order a copy click on the link below.

For more information or to order "Expressions of Arielle Jones" contace Tate Publishing & Enterprises

or call 888-361-9473





Cindy is about finished with her new album!

 Cindy Alford


  • Cindy Alford with her husband Charlie
  • Cindy and Charlie Alford are two really wonderful people.
  • Cindy loves to sing and Charlie loves to listen to her sing. 
  • Cindy is working on her second album.  She has learned a lot from recording her first album.  Some of the songs from her first album are featured below.
  • The songs below are cut versions of her songs.
  • If you are interested in her full length album contact the studio.  We will have direct contact information for Cindy's album soon.






Tommy Gray

We hope to see Tommy back in the studio soon.


Tommy Gray - Vocalist, with his wife Kelly & son T.J.

Tommy has a great sounding voice; smooth, dynamic and inspirational.






Victoria Sexton



Victoria Sexton 

Victoria Sexton is a very talented young singer.  She and her family moved to Ocala from Ireland. Victoria has an excellent voice and has recorded at Omni Studio in Nashville, and here at Passion. 

She has great support from her family.

Below is a sample of her first one take quick Passion Studio test demo.

Her new work is excellent.  It will be posted soon.



"Forever Shouting!"






"Forever Shouting!"   Teen Band


Chris Chesser - Vocals and Cody Randolph - Guitar are part of a new teen band who's name is Forever Shouting!  They write and perform there own material.  Below is a short sample of there very first studio recording.  






Gary Bagley

  • Gary Bagley
  • Gary is a talented writer and musician.  At his last session he recorded a remake of his original "Musicbox" song, and is getting ready to start work on another original song "He Walks On Water".
  • Take a listen to Gary's unique style.
  • Original Music Box




Junior Kelly Marchena



Junior Kelly Marchena

  • Junior recorded a project here a few years ago and has since moved away.  His project was two Spanish children's Christian album's titled, "Para Ninos" Vol. 1 & Vol. 2. Junior Kelly, has recorded in the USA, Canada, and the Dominican Republic, and has several albums to his credit.  He is an excellent vocalist and wonderful to work.  For his albums here at Passion he had his two son's sing backup vocals for him.
  • Album cover is Junior and his son's with friends.
  • Quiero Vivir
  • La Tierra Nueva


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