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Free Music Related Classifieds

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Our Trusted Business Listings


     If you have music related items for sale or trade or items needed, e-mail or fax the information to us and we will review it for posting on our site. If you perform music related service we will attempt to post that information for you also.

These items are for information only.  The Studio does not vouch for the products or services in these listings:



Also listed on this page are businesses that we use or have had association with.  These businesses will be identified by *P*.  You can tell them that Wayne from "Passion" said hello.  As long as our customers and us are treated fairly we will continue to recommend these businesses.  

We will also list businesses that are recommended by our friends or customers. Businesses that are listed that we can not personally vouch for will be listed until we feel they do not meet our standards. 

If you need information on any listed item contact the studio 352-237-5135, e-mail or click the link.

Click on the link below to e-mail ad info.


  • Send your ad info and / or photo to be incerted here.
  • FREE
  • See Listings Below.





Pro Electronics Sales and Repair



Bobby Land has been a personal friend for many years.  He and his staff do quality repair of almost any type music related electronic equipment.  They also sell new and used music related equipment and stage lighting.  Bobby has many years in the music business with lots of varied experience.  He will go out of his way to help a friend or a stranger.

Click on the link below for info and equipment. 

"Pro Electronics Repair"




         The Old Sewing Machine Man


                       Before and After




The Old Sewing Machine Man

Services, repairs, reconditions, restores, sells, and collects old and antique sewing machines.

Go to his web site below.

  • 352-867-8035
  • E-mail:
  • *P*
  • Quality refinishing and repair of almost any sewing machine old or new.









 Stevi B's

    Pizza Buffet  352-390-8181  






  Sorry for the poor quality photos above they were taken on a rainy day with a cell phone camera.  We will try to get better photo's in the future.

Located just west of the Mall off of Hwy 200.

3101 S.W. 34th. Ave.   Ocala, Fl 34474


They also have take out and a separate large room for parties, meetings, etc. plus a room in the back for the kids to play.

Check out their web site!

  • 352-390-8181
  • *P*
  • Quality Food at Reasonable Prices.

  Please tell Nimesh, (General Manager), that Wayne, from Passion Recording Studio sent you and said hello.


Just like "Passion Recording Studio"

Stevi B's

has a Passion for


We highly recommend Stevi B's Pizza for a number of reasons.  Not only are they a family friendly buffet type restaurant, that is very reasonably priced, but the establishment is clean and has a very friendly staff.  To top it off the Food Is Excellent too.

If you want to create a great salad, they have what you need.

Even though their Salad bar at first glance may not look to be as big as some, I would put it up against any in town.  They have a larger variety of items to put on your salad than any one else I know of and all of the items are good and fresh.

Their Pizza's use top quality cheese and other ingredients.  The dough is made fresh in the restaurant and if they don't have what you want on the huge pizza buffet selection they will try to make it for you.











  • Dance Divine School Of Ballet
  • *P*  We have worked with Ana Jacobs of Dance Divine for about 23 of her 27 years in business in Ocala, helping with her performance audio recording, editing and narration projects.
  • She and her dance group are very professional and put on a wonderful performance.
  • Be sure to attend their next performance.  Admission is FREE.
  • CFCC Fine Arts Auditorium.






  • Honey's School Of Dance
  • *P*  Watch for their Annual Spring Recital.
  • Honey Nick of "Honey's School Of Dance" has been a long time customer of Passion Recording Studio.  For years we have assisted her with editing her music for her performances.  Honey's school works with young children to young adults, and a variety of dance styles.






  • Brown's Septic Tank Service
  • 352-236-4456
  • *P*  Johnny Mason, the bass player for "Backwater", (One of Marion County's top bluegrass groups) and "Second Slice, (one of the areas top rock groups), dosen't mind getting his hands dirty.  He and the rest of the guy's in the  Backwater and Second Slice groups are some of the nicest people you could ever want to work with.  The same applies to Johnny and the company he is associated with, Brown's Septic Tank Service which is one of the oldest septic tank companies in Ocala.  We definitely recommend their service.
  • Ocala, Fl 
  • 352-236-4456









  • *P*
  • Parramore Music
  • 352-732-6776
  • 1-800-859-2304
  • 304 E. Silver Springs Blvd
  • Ocala, Fl
  • Paramore Music is one of the oldest music stores in Ocala.  We have had many good business dealings with them since they opened in 1975.  They always have a large selection of pianos and carry almost any other music equipment you might need.  They are great people to deal with.  






  • *P*
  • Sound Exchange Music Instruments
  • 352-695-7290
  • 3620 N.E. 8th. Place
  • Ocala, Fl 34470
  • I have know and had business dealings with Johnny, owner of Sound Exchange for many years.  Johnny and his staff are great to work with.  They carry a large selection of drum kits and accessories, guitars, keyboards, amps, mixers, cables, sound reinforcement gear, lighting, and just about anything else you might need.  Tell Johnny we said Hi.


  • Commercial & Industrial Music, Sound, Lighting, & Video Systems   (Skip and Rick are the Best)
  • *P*
  • Marion Music Inc.
  • 352-629-3518
  • 2421 N.E. 18th. Place
  • Ocala, Fl 34470
  • Skip and Rick at Marion Music have been close personal friends for many years.  They have many years of experience and can provide top professional sound reinforcement for almost any event you have.  They also can design custom sound and video systems for businesses, churches, etc.  These guy's can handle anything from small simple jobs to large government contracts.




  • *P*
  • Dillon Video & Film Productions Inc.
  • 352-620-0686
  • 2330 N.E. 8th. Rd.
  • Ocala, Fl 34470
  • I have known Jeff Dillon for many years.  I use to fly him occasionally in the Sheriffs helicopter to shoot video and film footage for the County and the State with him hanging in a harness out on the skids to get the shot he needed.  Jeff now has one of the most professional video production companies available.  One look at his web site will show you the wide ranging extent of his high quality professional commercial video and film productions.  He has done work for movie, TV, commercial business, training and almost anything else you can think of.  On top of that Jeff is a great guy to work with.  If you need top quality commercial video or film production or even something simple call his long time administrative manager, Robin Springer at 352-620-0686 and tell her Wayne told you to call.




  • *P*
  • Live Out Loud Productions Studio
  • Harry Doyle has been a long time friend and associate.  In addition to assisting our studio with quality video production and editing, Harry is also a song writer, accomplished musician, engineer, and creates very high quality professional commercial web sites.  He will soon be opening a new audio mastering facility in south Florida, where he plans to do quality final audio mastering for anyone requiring his services.  Harry has a good ear, lots of patience, and high technical skill level.  You can contact him directly through his various web sites or through Passion Recording Studio.


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  • New Alesis "Studio 24" Digital Recording Console
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